The Desert Valley Squares, Ltd., is Arizona’s Premiere Gay and Lesbian Social Squaredance Club. Founded in 1985 by Ted Oakes, MD, and a handful of others, the club now numbers about 30 dancers. Classes and club level dancing are on Sunday nights at Mount of Olives Lutheran Church in Phoenix.

See the “Dance & Class Schedule” page for our current dance location.

Our instructors are Linda Harry, who teaches most of our upper-level classes, and Club Caller Seth Levine, who teaches most of our lower-level classes through Advanced. Club President is Seth Levine, and Vice President is Sam Alcorn.

Modern Western Square Dancing is a fun and healthy activity that nearly anyone can do, but it is a progressive learning process, so we offer classes for new dancers once or twice a year.

Desert Valley Squares welcomes all Square Dancers to join us for class or one of our special dance functions.